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Hillary Rodham Clinton - American Terrorist


The very fact that Hillary Rodham Clinton is not currently serving at least 10 years for espionage is a frightening indicator of how benign American forces of good really are; and how grotesquely insurmountable the reigning purveyors of greed and evil truly are when held aloft by a judicial system, a government, corporations and media all with hands in pockets. I am literally dumbfucked every single day as one horrifying story of corruption and betrayal, racketeering and bullying, embezzlement and bribery, all on a global scale involving many of the word's most disgusting people holding office and CEO titles, hits the alternative media and limited mainstream channels. And yet, just yesterday, June 9, President Obama gave Clinton, the epicentre of all this sleaze, the big corruption smeared not of approval, after acknowledging a media and political lie claiming she's won it all before the real late-July finale. All, after primaries across the US were blatantly, obvious tainted and rigged to deter voters and miscount those that braved hours of chaos to vote for freedom from all that enslaves not just America, but the world.

Remember first and foremost that the largest Zionist bankrollers of most of the world's illegal central banking monopolies, have bought off both Clintons long ago. Have you seen the records from the Clinton Foundation arms and state dept. deal slush fund! If you believe there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans of Clinton's ilk you are grossly mistaken. Both parties bow to the same puppet masters. Obama is arguably a bigger terrorist than Bush Jr. remains. Those masters are orchestrating events as we speak, from fraudulent voting practises to stalling the most open and shut FBI case in history.

Any idiot half asleep knows Hillary Rodham Clinton is a corporate power mongering terrorist cloaked in stars and stripes, and guilt on so many counts of so many shameful and illegal things. When questioned politely even the biggest supporters of Clinton cannot name one specific achievement of benefit to Americans, from her State Dept. gig. But ask for her clear and specific failures and you could fill 30,000 emails with jaw-dropping incompetence, lies, corruption, bribes and mandates for war.

Should this woman find herself still free at elections close; should Bernie Sanders and over half the US populace be cheated again out of democratic elections by the puppet masters; you, the American people have NO CHOICE but to take action, whatever action is necessary to remove Clinton from her comfy seat, and to systematically remove every individual and entity that supported this crime in motion. There are many very smart, very worried people around the world who know that THIS is the moment of truth. If Americans fail here to restore democracy, the world will fail at large, and the oligarchies of our times will forever ruin our future in favour of theirs.

I wish so much we could all put faith in the FBI and Supreme Court to do their jobs, but if that were true she'd be in jail today. So it's up to you, the people not sleeping through this nightmare, to make the change and demand her imprisonment, along with Bill Clinton, and from there to start backtracking all the way to a rigged 2000 election that paved the way for 9/11 and 15 years of domestic and global carnage.

In many way this is the end game, either for Hillary Clinton and her closest friends in governments and corporations worldwide, or for America and democracy everywhere. Please do the right thing. Please stand and be counted. Put Hillary in prison now.


This should not be America

Albert Einstein

I have hated America most of my life. I didn't want to but America earned my hatred with every drop of innocent blood it spilled on foreign soil and at home. America has earned my hatred with each international deal it brokered then broke, without remorse, compromise, without justification, nor accountability. Every nation it has destroyed. Every people it has tortured and scattered. Every corrupt administrative policy. Every blind eye turned by its judicial system. Every sleazy shift in fundamental ethics that has ushered in the most disgusting age of man on record. America is not alone in the shame we all share, but I have hated America most for it has led the charge.

Bloated children washing up on foreign shores while Bill Gates sinks millions into backroom depopulation initiatives. The Koch brothers sinking millions more into destroying the electric car while good people scrap and claw for ways to reverse our environmental collapse. America 16 trillion in debt while elusive and illegal Federal Reserve owners and their banks, suck the life out of you and your government printing fake money and orchestrating economic chaos, all the while getting richer while the American dream disappears, and international dreams disappear, held hostage by Rockefeller's petrodollars. I have hated America absolutely since I watched in disgust in 2000 as your Supreme Court rigged an election outcome and made president, the worst mass-murdering American in modern history. And I have hated America without remorse for the unfathomable homegrown crimes of 9/11 and all your war president bought the world following that most unaccountable act of terrorism. And I have hated your Patriot Act, as everyone with constitutional values should.

These past 16 years, as your administrations, at the beck and call of the 'elite establishment', have reigned chaos around the world, destabilizing America and everywhere else its dollar has bought unreasonable servitude to your wealthiest, dirtiest oil families, I have stood horrified that Americans have not stood up against the very evils within your borders. America's enemies are not abroad, but at the Whitehouse, at the offices of the Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI, the Federal Reserve and Central Banks, the multi-national unaccountable corporations, the controlled propaganda main media, the courts and the pockets of the the most ridiculously wealthy people in the world. People who made that wealth crushing American families in Great Depressions and crushing foreign families in wars it has created, only to fund both sides.

Why are you sleeping through this? When you have thousand of pieces of evidence (or lack thereof) and countless obvious coverups that all point at the 2000 election of Bush and the subsequent false flag 9/11 event to be an inside job of the American Administration and elite, to trigger global chaos, a culture of fear, curtailing of your own freedoms, and a dark-horse president rewriting your constitution with impunity. Why have you not rose up against that which is destroying you, and us all.

America is not the land of the free. America is not the land your last great president, JFK, swore to protect. If you haven't heard what is largely regarded as his suicide speech, you should. It's the wake up call you need to shake you from the mainstream brainwashing that all is well in America if you just shut the fuck up, eat your genetically modified foods and listen to your genetically modified 'news reporters'.

My god America, for the love of everything decent, put your religions aside, put your petty differences aside, put Kim Kardashian's ass aside, put your greed aside along with your mainstream media ignorance. Recognize that all this horror is ONLY possible if you allow it, if you sleep through it, if you wager you'll come out on top if you deny it.

Today you are NOT living the dream, you are not free. Your richest 1% is 'free', at the expense of everyone and every living thing. You need to stand up now. You need to defend what JFK died for. What countless many have died for since trying to expose the crimes of the last three administrations. They have orchestrated more horror, more carnage than you ever want to be held accountable for. Stop it now. Every citizen from every walk of American life. Fight now for the truth. Fight to bring to justice ALL those who played a part in everything sinister and ugly since 2000. If America is to survive this decade. If the world you think you knew is to survive, I need you now to restore my faith in Americans. America is not great. Currently the American Administration is widely regarded as the world's largest and richest terrorist organization. You have to change that now before it forever changes you. America may not be the land of the free. But today you can prove yourself to be the land of the brave.